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    Friends of the Fairfax Library
    Fairfax Library Garden Commemorative Stone Paver Fundraiser

    The Fairfax Library sits on almost an acre of land, its scenic rise including meadow and massive heritage oaks.

    The Fairfax Library Garden Project will enhance the library’s outdoor space, expanding the library beyond its walls creating an outdoor welcoming, accessible and sustainable area for our patrons.

    The garden renovation will include:

    • Additional trees providing shade
    • A new patio, paved with stone pavers, with tables with umbrellas and benches providing expanded seating for reading and visiting
    • A stone story circle creating an outdoor programming area
    • An ADA accessible path will highlight a native plant garden
    • An arbor providing seating and shade as well as an entrance to the garden from our new ADA parking space

    The Friends of the Fairfax Library are conducting a fundraiser with the goal of funding the garden furniture. You can help by donating a custom engraved stone paver that will be installed in the patio. It is your opportunity to permanently commemorate a person, family or business and support the Fairfax Library’s garden project.

    For more information on the Garden Project: Margaret Miles, Branch Manager,

    For more information on the Friends of the Fairfax Library:

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